New Commissions

‘Swallows in Flight’ – November 2022
Glass panel supported by oak plinth
Glass 900mm h x 300mm w   Oak support 450mm h x 150mm d x 250mm w

A & C wanted an abstract, modern, sculptural piece to brighten up a window that is 6 foot off the ground. The oak support of that size was a challenge (and very heavy) but the piece does look stunning. Again, thanks to Pat Murphy from Gladturnings for all of his help sourcing and shaping the wood.

Swallow Flight Stained Glass & Oak_____________________________________________________________________

‘Horse & Hounds’ – October 2022
Double glazed window
993mm h x 841mm w

Deb & Chris provided some photographs of them on horseback and some of their hounds. This is where they chase the hounds, that chase the scent put down by a runner and it was for a bespoke door they were having made.

Horses & Hounds Stained glass window_____________________________________________________________________

‘The Music Window’ – September 2022
Double glazed window
290mm h x 2226mm w

A friend asked for a new window for her ‘Music Room’ extension, featuring classical instruments (she provided the reference) and here is the result.

Music stained glass window_____________________________________________________________________

‘Waterfall’ – June 2022
Glass panel mounted on Elm burr
800mm h x 430mm w

David and Diana requested a piece similar to their previous ‘Tree of Life’ (2019) – this time a waterfall in a different style, but mounted on Elm Burr to match the other one. Thanks to Pat Murphy from Gladturnings for all of his help with the wooden plinth & struts.

Waterfall Stained Glass on Elm Burr_____________________________________________________________________

‘4 Seasons’ – August 2021
4 x wall panels
800mm h x 400mm w each

Catherine asked me to create these panels to go into an area of contemplation for the bereaved, children & adults alike. They have recently been unveiled on the wall of such a room in Wivenhoe Congregational Church in Essex. There is a lot of symbolism in each panel and Catherine was keen to include animals and plants which are easy for children to spot and they represent, hope, strength, endurance, stars and forget-me-nots for loved ones. The panels have been well received and I hope will bring some comfort to those who see them – they were a joy to make.



‘The Needles’ – March 2021
3 Internal above door panels
240mm h x 815mm w (long middle panel) 240mm h x 370mm w (2 side panels)

Annie requested these 3 panels to be situated over her hall door. She provided a photo of the family on their motor boat and asked for the seal & lighthouse on the left panel and a yacht at sunset on the right hand panel. Here they are fitted in situ.

Stained Glass Panels of 'The Needles', Isle of Wight


‘Siobhan’s Glass’ – Sept 2020
Internal panel
1100mm h x 760mm w

Siobhan wanted to show a Wyvern and a Bear (from family crests), with a pastoral scene behind reflecting the view from her newly refurbished house – including her favourite breed of sheep, resting under cherry trees and hares running across the fields.











‘The Farne Islands’ – June 2020
Above door window
277mm h x 786mm w

John & Jeanette commissioned a panel to go above their new front door in Seahouses, featuring the Farne Islands.









‘St. Mary’s Lighthouse’ – April 2020
Door panel
500mm h x 800mm w

Deborah wanted a scene showing her family rock pooling at St. Mary’s Island in the North East. She provided several pictures for me to work from of her family.












‘Family Design’ – Mar 2020
Door panel
600mm w x 800mm h

Liz sent me a rough drawing of what she wanted and a list of items that hopefully could be included: – the initials of the 4 family members, a raven on a stone, 4 stones in the river, an ‘H’ shaped bridge, a rabbit, an orienteering kite & their house number – see if you can spot them all!

















‘Flying Barn Owl’ – Feb 2020
Circular stained glass for hanging
450mm diam. 

Vivien & Roland had seen my ‘Flying Barn Owl’ mounted on a wooden Oak Burr but wanted something a little different to hang in front of a window but not obscure any of the light.














‘Tree of Life’ – Nov 2019
Glass panel mounted on elm burr
17″ w x 23.5″h

Dave & Diana requested a ‘Tree of Life’ design mounted on wood to stand in front of an internal window in their house, to fit between some existing items. The glass was 17 inches wide x 23.5 inches high which caused my wood guy & I to come up with a new way of supporting the tall glass on a wooden plinth. I sourced an absolutely beautiful piece of Elm burr and my wood guy Pat took off a slice, sanded & oiled it, routered out a groove for the glass to sit in and then inserted elm wooden dowling as the side supports, which we glued in place.
















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